Wednesday, May 23, 2007


My APOLOGIES!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry that I have not been updating this site, many things happened during the past few weeks.

1. I've shifted.
2. I've gotten myself new family members who frightens me from time to time with their sudden movements. [mom:I guess she's still stressed out from the shift. When any other person, bro/sis/maid/dad approaches her, she'll go into hiding, or if i'm around, come to me seeking refuge.]
3. There's a hooman pup in the house who like poking her fingers onto my face, and loves screaming at the top of her lungs! She's worst than normal pups!
4. Had my diet change to HCF, not that I'm complaining, but because of that, Mom now brushes my teeth!
5. Lesser walks! The area here is going through massive upgrading and it's irritating the h*** out of me, yea, and mom too.
6. I'm so far from everywhere! Far from my favourite hangouts like WCDR, River walk, & Sentosa.
7. Jordan is no longer here for me to bully.

Isn't that a LOTTTTTTT of changes? And guess what's the worst thing?! Mom keeps scolding me for peeing/pooing in the kitchen half the time instead of on the pee tray that's positioned in her room. Well, mom, ya know you can't really blame me,at all. This house is so much bigger than the previous, and I'm used to doing my business at the "end" of the house for 4 years already! [mom:yaya,riiiiiiighttt.. lazy pig!]


Last sunday, mom woke up exceptionally early at NINE am she usually gets out of bed after noon. *opps* and brought me to the beach! I kinda dislike waters, and the sun was sorching hot. so Mom stayed in the shade while I did what I do best!

Frisbee time!

My sworn brothers, Jovi and Chino were there too! Look at how happy they were.

And some other Terrorists *ahem* Terriers were present too.

Did I looked like I was trying to act cute?

We had a great time there!