Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Presents for me!

See! Mom & Dad was missing for 5 days, and after that they came back with these just for me!

Hello Kitty Cushion, a cutie ceramic bowl and a denim overall skirt. Wait! Did she just bought me a skirt? *Faints*

Hurhur, after a thorough check and sniffs, I realise she came back from Thailand! And look what I found, she went puppy shopping! Why wanna see all those puppies and yet leave me at hme for the miserable 5 days?!

Luckily they did not catch Mom's heart. I bet if there's a Dalmation there, she would have stayed there for the rest of her life!

I MUST stop her from travelling again!



Wuffstuff said...

Great tail and super pix. Lets have more.

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Alfie said...

hi sundae, how are U?? Has NoNo been good to U? Would love to meet up with U again! Ciao