Sunday, February 25, 2007

A puppy?

Where did Mom go?! I did not see Mom on the whole of Saturday, she came home to feed us, took a shower and went out of the house again, only to come home earlier this evening. Guess what this unfaithful Mom of mine did?

She went ang pow collecting in Malaysia, came back, and then spent the night over at Aunty Vv's place, and went on for more this morning. At least she had some heart to bring back another packet of treats.

She came home earlier this evening smelling weird. Smells a little like what Jordan and some other tiny dogs smelt like. But I couldn't make out what it was. Until I heard Mom and Grandma's conversation!

It was this little guy whose name is Rio.

He's biological mom is a Chihuahua X Pomeranian, and his dad a Papillon. He's got a lil of his dad's ears and eyes and the colour of his Mom, but I don't know where he got his fluffy coat.

Mom gave lotsa tips and spent few hours coaching her cousins and Aunt Vv on how to go about taking care of this lil guy, part wanting them to know how to be a responsible and good dog owners and part no wanting to become a slave for 3 dogs. I certainly have no more rooms to accomodate another cukoo boy.


Mom tried the method posted by Sunshade's Mom over at Jaffa's blog as Jordan was not/never a gentle receiver of treats/food from hand. This is how he did at the start of the video, and there's me, at the 2nd half of it.

[mom: my hand was full of saliva at the end of the session. Sundae seems to get it, but as for Jordan, *shakes head*]

Just to share a usual stuffs Mom likes me to do. Notice how my eyes brighten up at the sight of food? *keke*

Here's some pitcures that caught "the look".

And this is 1 trick in particular that she likes seeing Jordan doing.

[mom: the part where he sways to the side after the spinning is hilarious!]

How cuckoo can this kuku-boy gets?

Off to dreamland now.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

New stuffs

Mom's been buying and trying out new stuffs on us.

Firstly, it was the abady canned food. We were fed on it + supplements every morning since 2 weeks ago, but still, our stomach doesnt agree with it. Guess she's gonna try raw minced meat next.

Then, she got Jordan an electric bark colour, cos he screams like mad whenever people walk past the corridor when no one's home. Seems to be working a lil thou.

Next, we got us a new toy, as well as a new brand of treat to try from Uncle H who operates Doggiezone. Mom always have this cookie jar, where she would fill it up with cookies every 10-14 days. This week, we've got Ginger Ridge Roast Toasties! It was yummy yum yum! And btw, I think I saw the new packet of cookies for the next week Mom just bought, call me greedy, I think it's inherited!

Anyways, here's the video of us playing the Tug-o-four.

Lastly, Mom boiled soup for us this evening! I hope I'll get soup everyday!

Ingredients: Pork knuckles, carrots, potatoes, garlics, apples.

Cut them up, and throw them into the pot with boiling water.

After 20mins, add in the knuckles. Wait for 30 mins, and it can be served.

Off to bed with a satisfied stomach! Hope I'll dream of more *yum*yum*s


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year!

I hope this ain't too late. :D

Here's Kuku-boy and me wishing all a Properous New Year in the year of the Pork? Pig? Pork! *Pork sounds delicous!*

Can you guess why we don't look too happy here?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lazy Mama?

Another weekend past, and I did not go out of the estate again. Mom says we're expecting visitors, a couple who will come to view the house and another who is coming to take a look at Happy. See how Happy changed over the 2 months.

He was a botak fella when he 1st came.

His fur slowly grew as the infections cleared away.

He also learnt what's the meaning of being a dog.

He looked more like a Maltese now.

Anyone there to bring him home?

I hope the couple will.


Back to TOPIC! I'm sure Mom's finding excuses not to bring us for outings! But nevertheless, we still went for super duper long walks daily at the mini park near home.

This is how we're being leashed up these days. Mom usually use a Rogz double leash, but she said we always tangle her up with that and decided to use a shorter extension double leash instead.

There were no other dogs and non moving vehicles, so we got to go off leashed, BUT still leashed as I'm being leashed to Jordan and vice versa. [Mom:They look cute like that, and I do not have to worry about going after which dog 1st should they decide not to listen. :P]

See where Mom went and what she did! How LOYAL is she!

Of cos, I rushed back to her, a lil slow, but little does she know that it's TIRING to have to drag a brother around.
Boy! I was thirsty like a cow when we reached home! See how I drank up my water.
[Mom:More like washing your face.]

Off to rest now. Tired tired dogs..


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Well Stocked for Chinese New Year!

This week, I didn't get to go out again. Mom's busy busy busy, especially so when the Luna New Year is approaching. She did some stocking up for the humans, as well as for us!

Look what she bought over 2 days?

For us, Oppss, blame Mom's handphone. :P We got NV kibbles, Abady Deboned Lamb canned food, 4 packet of duck treats, Milk, Ox tendon and a water dispenser. We also got a towel each for the New Year.
Happy had a share too, he had 3 ultra large cans of Divine, a packet of canidae, a packet of duck treats and a Power Bone.

We were given the Ox tendons to chew. *yum*yum*
So engrossed..

Looks like Milo's having a good life here
Yeap, this old man can chew, and he likes it!
I heard we'll have more treats coming in from Uncle H who operates the online store at DoggieZone can't wait for them to arrive!!


Mom finally decided to sterilise Jordan. HIAK HIAK. The reason? He has been sticking to Milo like glue! And kept wanting to mount Milo. This Jordan even DROOL when on the pursue to "win" Milo's heart. Mom thinks the drooling was disgusting and decided to neuter him for good, to lower his "urge" :P Horny lil boy!

Signing off to continue chewing on the tendons.


Friday, February 2, 2007

2 Terrorist Equals No Peace

I had an unexpected visitor this evening. Milo was arranged to be boarded for 2 weeks in March, but was brought forward when his Mom had to travel earlier.

I didn't really like him as he was too active and pushy for my liking, kept poking his nose into my privates and sticking to MY Mom like glue!
And not long after, he was accused for doing this!

She ruled out that it cannot be Happy as she just brought him down for his pee session, can't be me or Jordan as well as we don't mark in our own home!

And so, the ACCUSED was to serve a JAIL term of 20minutes
And while Milo was serving his jail term, Mom spotted another 2 puddles of pee! And the Culprit was ................

HAPPY!! See his guilty look The Accused was set free and the culprit was made to serve for 30minutes for not surrendering. Being the smart girl, I decide not to do anything stupid, instead, I picked up my toy and asked Mom for a tug-o-war session, when I think that she feels a lil irritated I stopped. Am such a good girl right? Mom was sure busy and will be for at least the next 13days.


Wouldn't it be nice to have a personalised credit card for the humans which can include pictures and such? They can be reminded to buy us things when they're happily swiping their card away when they're out shopping.

Courtesy of Bobby & Belle's Dad


Thursday, February 1, 2007

Am I a Bad girl?

I don't know what came up to Grandma these few weeks, she has been cooking everyday! Tempting me with all the fantastic salty, oily, sweet smelling scents! Who could resist those wonderful tasting food when they're placed right in front of you when they dine??!

Today, Grandma fried some chicken, and while she and Mom were busy bringing in the dishes, and uncle taking a drink, Jordan and I quickly went into the room. Mom and Uncle did not have enough hands to pack and bring the remainings of the chickens to the kitchen, and we quickly chomped off a few chicken bones! *yummy*yum*yum* It was sweet, salty and crunchy! We thought that it might be a start off for next week's Bones and Raw Food diet.

But our enjoyment did not last for more than 20 secs, uncle turned back to the room and was shocked to see us scavaging through the piles of bones, he shouted, Mom rushed in, she scream, and needless to say, we got an earful plus a few *piaks* from Mom, Jordan had a few extra *piaks* as he was still chomping away when Mom was right in front of him. Being the smart gal, I dropped my bone near Jordan, and Mom thought that I still had a lil respect for her, how naive. :P

She then went to get a bowl of pig's organ soup, after she took a sip, she placed the bowl on the floor, trying to test us, how stupid she thinks we are to daringly drink the soup off the bowl? Haven't she heard of the idiom "Once bitten twice shy"? I of cause, in my greedy nature stared at the bowl longingly with 2 feet away from the bowl, while Jordan peeped out from Mom's room. Heh, even if I can't taste it, there's no wrong with smelling it.

See how my eyes gleem at the sight/scent of food?


Just two weeks ago, Mom was so excited about Grandma's Van coming home, and Grandma said that it can officially be SJ [SundaeJordan] Mobil. Mom was so excited that she even offered to rent the Van to a forumer she knows for a minimal fee.

Boy was Mom excited, she gotten ready the decals to be put on, and even wanted to send the would-be SJ Mobil for a polish and also to get some doggy paw prints sprayed on the body.

Mom hurried Grandma to confirm the time to collect the Van tomorrow [friday], when Grandma made the call just an hour ago, she brought in bad news. She said that her ex-boss cum good friend's son would like to carry on with the long term rental of the van. For a moment, I felt really upset as I can't have my own Mobil like Sunshade and Fufu, but on another thought, I kinda felt happy as Mom would have to give up bringing us to the evil swimming pool weekly! Mom was of course, upset! Very upset that she finished eating half a tub of haagan daz ice cream without even allowing me to have a few licks off the spoon [Mom: not after stealing chicken bones!!]

Sigh, I think she wants us out of the room tonight. It's been a bad day. *Humming Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" *