Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Don't know what's wrong with, was prompt to log in countless times even when I am LOOGED IN. Gheeze! Anyone of you dloggers encounter the same problem?

Anyways, what happened over the past 1 week was more or less the same old thing. Mom brought us to the park, played with the frisbee and Jordan went stalking others.

It rained heavily early next morning, and because Mom had not showered the "muddy" us, we weren't let into her room. I was scared stiff during the storm. I whined and barked, Mom slept through it like a pig!

*Hurmph! I'm not ever gonna let you lock me out*

*Not even if there's food!*

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sentosa sentosa sentosa!!

Yeap! We got to go to the beach again. Thanks to the presence of the van. This time, it wasn't a big group, there's only 3 dogs, Jovi, Jordan and I, and 2 humans, AuntyJ and Mom.

And again, I did what I liked best!
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Look at what happened to the frisbee after a while.
*hhhmmm....How do I make it fly?*
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Did I mentioned it belongs to Jovi? :P
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Jordan acting cute
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Beach dogs!
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What a great weekend!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

To the Park!

Grandma's lil Van came home few days back, AND! Mom, claimed it as hers. :P

Here's us in the van, Jordan, looking sily as usual, and there's me in the background, doing some quality check on the back windscreen to see if it's clear enough for sight seeing.

Before we knew it, we arrived at West Coast Park's carpark!

On our way to the Dog Run.

I wonder wy Jordan always attract dogs of the same sex to go goo-goo-ga-ga over him. Just look at this WFT, and Jordan seems like he's playing hard-to-get. *Roll eyes*

Then I did what I do best, Fetching the Frisbee!

*Mommy, pleasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee*

*I'm cominggggggg*


Check out my tongue!

And of cos, we were not the only one there.
*Lil one, wouldn't you play with such a cute dog?*

Don't you DARE!

There was a Mongrel

A Golden Retriever

And a cute White Miniature Schnauzer

Of cos, we posed for a few shots before Mom returned us the freedom to go play on our own. :P


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mama bought a new camera

Mom bought a new digital camera last night, and guess what? She started snapping away like Sunshade's trigger happy Mom.

Let me share with you what she took so far in 12 hours.

She snapped at us in the morning when eyes are open but body is still sleeping.
*What's that!?*

*Trying not to look into the camera*

*Gimme a break*

*Did you just say "Hungry"?*

She then snapped the lunch we had, and our faces when we were made to STAY.

*Slurpssssss!* Minced beef with the necessary supplements like fish oil, vitC, and seameal. Mom stuck garlics in the minced beef thinking that we wouldn't notice, but the fact is, we're not that free to pick it out, so we ate it up with the meat.

*Hurry say "OKAY"*

*Why are you taking so long?*

*OOHhhhh... Foooddddd...*

*Quick lah!*

After lunch, she continued snapping away, trying to make us pose nicely for the shots by tempting us with the ball.
*Should I make a jump for it?*

*I think I'll sit pretty, use my eye power and wait for it to drop*

She then said we'll get to play after we pose nicely with the ball.
*How's this Mom?*

The usual expression Jordan gives. HAHA!

When the release command was given, we went ahead with fetching, for about 5 mins before it turned into a wrestling session, and YES! SHE has to take pictures of that too.


*Bite*Bite*Bite his ear*


We took a rest when we felt tired, and she had to drag us up, to pose for more shots.

*When will this end?*

*Not soon I guess*

*Trying my bestest to look miserable*

She also took pictures of the area where I scratched until it bled. I tried cvering up with the thick fur I got, but she still found out. [mom: is that hotspot or what?]

Then she decided to make us look big.

*Huhhh? Did you just say "Hungry" again?*

Yeap! It was dinner time! She took picture of our dinner as well. Egg white, potato, carrot and Abady Lamb canned food.

During the night, when we were about to sleep, she had to come and shoot our "nose-print"

I think I better go hide somewhere now, just in case. Ciao!