Monday, April 9, 2007

April Terrors Birthday Bash

It was raining the whole afternoon and Mom almost cancelled the party! But thank doG that heavens was on my side and so off we went to the ultra muddy West Coast Dog Run.

The humans decided to organise a party for the April Terrors, which included yours truly, Nemo, Hika, and Mocha!

Here are some pix to share, not many, cos mom's hand were all dirty, with Mud!

Me! Notice how clean and white I was?

This is Nemo.

A group picture of the April babies.Left to right, Hika, Nemo, Me, and Mocha.

And as usual, I HAD to play my frisbee! And to gave myself a mud bath on the way.

The presents I got for today, thanks to Aunty J, S, A, and E .

Looks like Mom can save the money for stocking up on treats, just look at my overflowing treat basket! 17 kind of treats, big and small! Yummy yummy yummy!!!

What an enjoyable birthday episode for me! I hope my birthday comes every week! hiak hiak!

Off to dreamland now, tata for now!


Saturday, April 7, 2007

A long day.

After the tiring day yesterday, came a long day today!

The moment, Mom woke up, she quickly fed us, got changed, and pack us up into the car. Wonder where we went? The first stop was to Rio's house. Boy washe a irritating little dog, and he stinks![mom:sundae never liked puppy less than 6mths of age, tested and proven]. He kept barking and barking at Jordan and I, crazy lil dog! I warned him away by growling, but that made me to be put behind bars.

Next stop was to Rio's parent's house, brought him to let him see his parents, human grandparents and great-grandparents. He was again, like a crazy dog, went sniffing and taunting the other dogs in the house.

Then, Mom drove to Petgamart at Pasir Ris, motive: To get 2 other pets. And guess what are they?

2 Baby lobsters!!! Lobster salad, anyone? I hope they'll become one of my meals when they grow big enough.

Mom's cousins got themselves 2 baby tortise as well. Turtle soup?

After we got the food, opps, pets, Mom drove down to serangoon to drop Jordan off at the groomers, the place is called Stormville. This is how he looks like when mom picked him up.

Picture taken of Jordan with Mom's cousin, Chloe. She LOVESSSSSSSSS him, and at such a young age, she's not even afraid of a fully grown Great Dane.

After the 9pm drama on channel 8, Mom packed us up and we were ready to go home for a rest, ust as Mom pulled up the hand-brake, AuntyJ called and asked if Mom's interested to walk us at River Valley. Since we haven't had any form of exercise today, she agreed! Yipppeeee!!!!!

Where are they?

We walked and walked and came across this:

And this is what it is. Total waste of money, it could have been put to better use like buying us 2 weeks supply of beef and duck.

Anyways, we continued walking until Mom had this "brilliant" idea of making us pose for photos, especailly when the night is dark and she had to on the flash!

Not cooperating

Still not cooperating

Not cooperating either

The humans even tried putting my brothers, Jovi and Oscar on the statue.

Dog for sale?!

I loved the walk! But I think someone here was too busy chasing his admirer off to enjoy the walk. Hahahahahahas.


Thursday, April 5, 2007

I'm FOUR !!

I turned 4 today and indeed, there was a lot in stored for me. Now I know why there were bags and bags of stuffs Mom brought home the other day. Let me start with the mini celebration I had.

I woke up in the morning, and instead of having our usual meal, Mom brought out a cake! The box says "Secret Recipe". Whao! What are we having today? I waited in anticipation even when Mom took so long to line kibbles on that thing, and this was the end result :

The kibbles spells my name and Mom specially asked for the 4 pink candles! The cake is Carrot Cake from Secret Recipe and has cream cheese spread on top of it.

This is how it looked like when Mom lighted the candles.

Mom say me a birthday song and got Jordan to pose for a picture with me! I was happy happy happy!

After the song and the photo sesssion, Mom blew out the candles on my behalf, removed the candles and said: "Birthday girl gets the first few bites off the cake." Boy I was shaking with excitement, you mean I can literally bite it off from the whole cake?!

The first bite,

The second,

And the third!

Then Mom said: "Enough, you have to share this cake Sundae." And so, Mom cut up the cake into 3, and we ate together at the table. Yum yum!

Up next, Mom brought out my PRESENTS!!!!!!! She got me a mini plush toy from IKEA, Charcoal Dog treat and Merricks Puffed Pork nibbles. And yes, I was definitely HAPPY!!

And since I had quite a filling breakfast, Mom said no more food, and so I went for the plushie!! *Kill*Kill*

Next up on the program list was a trip to Fort Canning Park with my bestest brother, Chino and his Dad UncleG, it's really been a while since I saw Chino.

See that Jordan and I was off leashed in the beginning? That's because she said we've been good dogs.

Soon after, Jordan proved that wrong, he began straying away from Mom and got leashed up. :P And here's me, the birthday gal who deserved the most-est to go off leashed throughout the walk.

Can you tell how Happy I was?

Not long after the walk, Mom said we're in town, Orchard Road! This is the fountain that can be found outside Parkmall. We were feeling so hot that we all wanted to take a dip!

The humans found a place to fill up their stomach, and we took the chance to rest and energise up for the next half of the walk, this is Jordan chilling out, can ou spot his eyes? :P He's going for a groom tomorrow evening. Hmmm... How come he looks like he had no teeth? Wahahaha.

Chino chilling out.

Me chilling out.

Being the birthday gal, I had the priviledge to sit on the chair and this is what happens.

*Excuse me, Which is for me?*

*Is this for me?*

I stared......

AND stared.....

Until....... I get to eat something!!

After about 10 minutes or so, the nice smelling lady served the humans their lunch! It looked SO SO SO Good!!! So I tried what I did just now.

And again, I stared..... This time, trying to make sure the humans take note of me by standing taller.

But all I had was plain 'ol carrots from Mom's plate, and I think it's because she doesnt fancy carrots and that was why we 3 got to eat them.

We carried on with the rest of the journey, only to realised we were heading back to the car as UncleG had some errands.

Walking happily around the vast greenery. I kinda think he looks cute here.

Showing off my butt and how fast I can run.

Finally we've reached the carpark, Jordan tried to stall time by peeing at different trees and to pretend as if he couldn't hear Mom calling out to him.
*Should I go or not?*

And so, as a big sister, I had to tell him to stop wasting time!
*come over, or else I'll tell Mom to make your stay at home all alone tonight!*

Okie dokie, time to go home............

We went back home, totally konked out, rested for a few hours before we were out again! This time, Mom brought us and AuntyPf, and UncleC to East Coast Park.
Waitinf for UncleA who's gonna pick us up to the lagoon where the humans can fill their tummy again.

Sitting and looking cute for the treat Mom's holding on her hand.

He kinda looked stern.

After the humans filled their bottomless pit, we had our walk. UncleC, dogwalker for the night.

It was really a tiring, funfilled day I hope Mom can do this everyday, hiak hiak. Going to bed now, it'll be another long day for me tomorrow. Goodnight.

Here's 2 cute butts for you to errmm.. admire!