Friday, December 21, 2007

Me Cookies!

See what I have today?

Yea! It's My cookies, with My name, and MINE to eat, but greedy mama stole 2 of them!

Thank you Aunty D! Here's my sweetest puppy smile, just for You!


Thursday, December 13, 2007


Look where Mommy went last night where she saw this!

Beautiful isn't it?

She then came home with these:

NOW! She doesn't have any excuses not to feed me BARF! It's so easy to feed, and she doesn't need to crawl up early in the morning to go to the wet eeky market. Read more about Dr B's R.A.W here.

Apparently, this has been in the aussie's market since year 2002, but only brought into Singapore recently. Looks'e better and more value than Primal, Mom decided that it was time.

This is how it looks like in semi frozen state

And this is when it's ready to be eaten! *yum*yum*

And of course, I ate it without any hesitation.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Funniest Photo - The Evil Santarina

There's another photo competition going on at Pawzcafe and it's titled "The Funniest X'Mas Dog Photo Contest"

Mom submitted this -

Me, the Little Evil Santarina!

Here's to all my pals out there, Happy Howliday!!


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Clean Bill of Health, except......

Mommy's apologies for the non update! Anyways, nothing interesting going on in my life except something which is quite shameful for me to tell.

Mom suspects that I might have some bladder bladder problem, reason being, I'ved been peeing in my sleep! It happened some months ago, and Mom thought I was stressed out by the change in environment, but just 2 days ago, it happened, so many times in just 1 night.

At 10pm, while sleeping beside Mom on the sofa, I peed a puddle.
1010pm, got locked in the room to let go on the papers, which I did.
1130pm, peed a puddle again while I slept on Mom's pillow.
1140pm, got chased out of the bedroom, into the utility toom to let go again, which I did.
1215am, back into the bedroom.
3am, peed another puddle on Mom's quilt, and got banished from the bedroom for the night.

It's bad isn't it?

So off to the vet we went, as I'm prone to excited/submissive urination, the doctor thinks that the problem might be weak muscles, so I was given some propaline and Mom was to monitor me for a week.

Very evil Mom made me go through a blood test too, to check for heartworms, condition of liver & kidneys, and blood counts. We were made to wait like 20mins before the results came out! And we were there for like 1hr 30mins altogether! Way past my dinner time!

hermmm..... is the results out yet??

What's taking so long? I'm stoning already, and getting really really sleepyyyyy....

All is well, except that my white blood cell is a little lower than normal, but still within the safe range thou. Any ideas how to increase WBC? I'm so white and yet my WBC is low? Weird.

In total Mom busted about $200 bucks! Imagine the kind of yummilicious stuffs she could have bought me? Heehee.

[mom:i would say that a $200 bucks for a piece of mind is definitely worth it! I'm gonna go back to natural food for Sundae as I believe the diet plays a big part in a dog's health now that I've seen her blood test results. I've come across dogs feed on commercial diet since young and problems started arising even before they were mid age, even if signs do not appear early, it would have been to late to start the painful treatment once it's too late.]


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fund Raising, 1st Anniversay!

Hooooray! To the success of the B.R.A fund raising today at U-Petgamart! THE OFFICIAL AMOUNT RAISED TODAY IS $1170!!! Woohoo!

And also a very Happy 1st Anniversay to U-Petgamart.

There are no pictures of the event as Mom left me all alone at home when she went there, and so I secretly took her handphone and hid it somewhere she couldn't find.

Sulking during the afternoon, she did not even pop me a treat before she left home! *Hurmph*

I guess she felt guilty? See what she got for me today.

These are some of the stuffs she got from the B.R.A booth. Fresh Homemade Garlick Cookies from Barker's Grub and a small porcelain bowl. (the packet of green bone is won from a lucky dip from the purchase of the following)

Very yummilicious Solid Gold Garlic Bagels!

And a new tub of food from Nutro. As there were no samples, Mom thought it was some kind of cereal dog food[she wants it to be mixed in my Homecooked food once in a while] and so she happily bought it to try out.

But to her disappointment, it's just like any other plain ol' kibbles. With the thought of selling it off to some Nutro Kibbles feeder, I told Mom I'll still eat it happily.

So she gave me some Garlick Cookies in reward for being a good dogter just before dinner.

while she had this all by herself! Duhz!


Come give them your support!

Thanks for all the votes casted for the Cutest Sleeping contest, sad to say, I wasn't the cutest of all, but still I'm second on the list, that's something isn't it? :P

There'll not be any pictures this time round, cuz Mom lent her camera to my sworn brothers' Mom who went on a trip to Taiwan.

For those doggy friends out there without any programs for Sunday, 28th Oct 2007, do drop by U-Petgamart for their 1year anniversay and at the same time support the sales of new and 2nd hand items which proceeds will go to Animal Lovers League.

Details as follows:
Animal Lovers' League (ALL) is a not-for-profit animal shelter registered under the Registrar of Societies. Its 600-something wards include abandoned pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and even hamsters and someinjured or young animals that have been rescued off the streets.

This shelter, like all animal shelters, are in dire need of funds to provide the animals under their care with fundamentals like food and lodging. Money is also needed to sterilise them and in some cases, for medical care.

To help raise funds for ALL, we will be having a flea mart on -

Date : 28 October 2007 (Sunday)
Time : 10am - 7pm
Venue : U Petgamart Pte Ltd
11 Pasir Ris Farmway 1
Blk A, Aqua Fauna Centre
Singapore 519355
Telephone : 6583 7858

All proceeds from this sale will go towards buying rice, a staple food, for the residents of ALL.

Items on sale will include dog related items such as shampoos and toys, as well as non-dog gift items like soft toys, tealight holders, handcrafted jewellery and handicraft items. Cookies and muffins for dogs will also be sold as well as books, comics, DVDs, CDs, shampoos, bath gel etc etc.

All items are brand new or as good as new.

Please do come with your family, friends and pets to support this fund-raising effort organised by the Bank of Rice for ALL Fund team.

The team is running a long term auction at for subsequent sales and is always open to donations of items. New items will be uploaded on a weekly basis, and surprises lie in wait each week.

There are plenty of great deals in store for everyone!

To know more about ALL and how you can help, please visit

I MIGHT be there, IF Mom can slot me into her schedule for the day.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vote for Me !!!!!!!!

To all my pals out there, I, or rather, Mom just entered me in a Custest Sleep Contest and she would like you guys to vote for me.

She submitted this photo of me:



Vote for me at

Thank You ALL!!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Sister!

Just the other day, Mom came home with these:

Why are there 2? I don't know, Mom says she'll announce it later on when the time is right. Anyways, I've got the pink one, it kinda look too girly on me isn't it? Mom, it doesnt work this way. I'm a true blue JRT! Get a maltese if you want a pretty girly dog. :P

Guess who's in the house for 2 weeks? He's short and fat, "shares" all my food and destroyed all my toys!

None other than silly fat old man, Nono!

This was what we had for dinner, Courtesy of BooBoo's human, ThankYou!!

Me waiting for the release command EAGERLY. See how that Mom of mine can bear to make us wait and wait till we drool like nobody's business just for a photo shot?

Did I mention that I've found my sister? Or rather, she found me? Hee, judge for yourselves if we look alike. We have the same behaviour, as greedy as each other, from the same petshop and shares the same birthay!

Alfie with her orange toy.

Silly Nono had to come and be a busybody.

Surprisingly, we did not show any hostility towards each other, neither did we like recognise each other, but when the silly fat old man Nono fought with Alfie over her toy, I came in and scolded Nono, but that fat man fought me! I shall hide all my toys tonight!

We were then being punished, put on a sit/down - stay position for a long long time.

We're now looking around for our brother. Petshop : Along Upper serangoon Rd. Opend by 1 uncle. Birthday month : April.

There's 2 females [that's me and Alfie] and a male in our litter, hope we can be reunited!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've got Gifts! Thanks Fei and Eve!

It was a boring day, Mom went to shower the car, went to the gym and had a very fabulous dinner.

As for me! I was left alone at home to rot!

As Mom walked into the house after all her programs for the day, she commented excitedly "You have a parcel Sundae!"

It was from Fei and her hooman Eve! How sweet of them. Love ya! Love ya!

*sniff*sniff*sniff* Smells really really good. I wonder what's inside.

Guess what was in the bag?

Woolalah! Mom, can you quickly finish taking pictures??! I'm running out of patience! Lotsa lollipops, a packet of dried beef treats, a helloe kitty plushie with squeaker and a note from them.

I couldnt ared less and went ahead with choosing one of MY pressies!

I chose the Lollipop! See that irritating hooman pup?! She's been trying to get her hands on my toy and treats! *Hurmpf*

It was ubber ubber DELICIOUS! Thanks to Fei and your Mama!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bone day!

I love it whenever it's Mom's off day. She'll either rot at home with me the whole day, cook me some fabulous foodie, or bring me out of the neighbourhood for long walks.

Remember the smoked lamb bone she made Granny buy the other day? Yes! I managed to give her the pitiest look before she relented and gave it to me.

See how delicious it is? Can't wait to sink my teeth into it!

She took out her camera and requested for a good shot, so okay Mom, just ONE!

As if it wasn't enough, she wanted MORE! And I made my stand by giving her this. *Bleah*

And went to sink myy teeth into the bone while she wasn't looking.

I went on chewing, deeply engrossed in it as the taste was heavenly.


EHHHH!!!! WHOOPS! Caught on the camera AGAIN!

So I told her "Admire my backside while I get back to my bone."


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

An Evening Out

Woohoo! Granny called the other day, wanting to have dinner with Mom and her siblings. She missed me too, and told Mom to fins a place where we all could dine together! How thoughtful.

So off we went to Pawtobello!

Hmmm... What shall I have this evening?

MuttLoaf it shall be!

Gobble 'em up!

Mom made granny buy me a smoked lamb bone too. Tada!

We went around River Valley hunting for an Ice Cream place to no avail, so the humans decided to go visit Jordan. When I heard his name, boy was I excited! I'm gonna see my pretty lil baby brother!

But to my disappointment, he wasn't my pretty lil brother anymore. He had become a untidy PIG whom I did not want to recognise.

He's now a whopping 9KG!!

If this is what happens to a greedy dog, I'll rather have Mom controling my diet.

*oh where oh where is my pretty bro?*