Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Funny things

Remember the mini socks decoration on my mini house?

Uh-huh, it somehow became part of my soft toy. While I was playing, tossing it up & down, slapping it left & right against ma face, Mom had this 2 silly silliest idea on earth which is to :


And to:

Use it as a footwear for me!

How silly can human get? See what she did to me later that night.

3 treat-ies, 1 on each of my paw and 1 on the ground. I was CRUELLY put on down/stay for almost a miniute before I could sink my teeth on them. *ROAR* As if it wasn't AMUSING enought for the humans, the little one decided it was time for her to tease me too!

One treatie.....two treatie.....three treatieeeee.....

So can I like eat now?

Give me more! I'll shake your hand!