Friday, April 24, 2009


Hiya! So many things happened and I haven't been updating. A brief summary of what my dog brain can remember in the past few months:

1. I've got a new playmate, her name is Missy Brown the Holland Lop. It was a X'mas present from Dad to Mom. She's quite fun to chase!

I often check out what's she's doing when she's in her playpen. Boring life she has in there.

And on days when she's let out to play, she'll run around the house, and then settle down under the coffee table.

When she does that, Mom makes us take a picture together! Gah!

2. Mom's Dad decided to move, so Nono was adopted, so Momsie, Dad, Missy Brown and I went to stay with Mom's Mom!

It's kinda boring with the little space I can roam in this little apartment. But there's something interesting going on everyday that I can spend a certain am ount of time observing

If not, I can try disrupting Mom's picture taking session!

3. Had 2 stay overs at my sister Alfie's place. Her Mom was great, and I loved it there! Everyday I get my hour walks early in the morning, frisbee in the evening and lotsa great food and love!

You can view my stay over fun over at Alfie's blog!

4. I turned 6! How time flies! Did I mention how TASTYYYYYY the Famous Amos Banana Muffin was?

5. My poo poo habits turned haywire for almost 2 weeks. But I'm okay, it's back to normal now.

That's about all, and I'm gonna leave you here. Now, it's time for lunch!