Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bad girl, NOT!

Mummy said I was a bad bad girl, to have done this to Daddy's 2yr old Oakley glasses.

But I think I was just helping Daddy to have a change of glasses cos Mummy stepped on it once, a few months before this incident.

Shouldn't you think that Daddy should thank me for his new Oakley which is fully paid by Mummy?

It's a blessing in disguise right? So, I'm a goodie girly after all!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank You Aunty S and Alfie!

Aunty S popped by the other day and she brought me some of Alfie's new toys that she haven't got the chance to play with.

Love this blue toy, cos it's like a Kong toy, only smaller which is friendlier for my small mouth-fie. Had Mom stuff some chicken jerky in it. Yummifunnilicious!

Sigh, she is still so so so so so sad, and all I could do was to give her a few of my loving ChoCoLicks.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life as a Jack Russell

Last Saturday, we had a gathering at West Coast Dog Run for the Anniversary party of the Jack Russell Mania forum. Despite the rain, many came and boy did I have lotsa fun.

The usual things, FRISBEE! FOOD! & FUN! Just some pictures to share which Mom took before her camera's battery went dead.

*Now now, who should I go to? Who who?*

*Guarding my precious from Lemon the super active*

*Jovi my sworn brother whom I haven met in months!*

*lemme see if this's a good spot for some good mud rollin'*

*Nemo the handsome boy!*

*I bet Lemon is gonna grow up to be like Nemo*

*Last but not least, frisbee again, anyone?*

While the whole gang of Jack Russell Terriers were having fun, I didn't realise until Mom received a sms yesterday from Alfie's Mom that she had been bitten by a unleashed, unmuzzled German Shepard on Friday evening, and had passed on yesterday.

My poor sister, was heavily traumatised and struggled through 4days of pain before leaving for Rainbow Bridge. I am so sad, we've only came to know each other for less than a year, and was planning to celebrate our 6th Birthday together as we missed out doing so during our 5th.

She was the only female dog which I've never squabbled with. It's like I knew she's someone close, but yet strange cos we've never met, I even sided with her when Nono tried to snatch her toy away the other time.

She's the most generous. She had her Mom bring me presents of frisbee, dog tag & a similar collar in a different colour, and shared her home made dehydrated minced beef formulated treat for me each time we meet.

Poor Alfie Mummy, she must be really sad now. No one will understand the kind of loss and pain she's going through, to have her most beloved taken away from her so suddenly and innocently.

Here's to share the witness's account of the whole incident.

"Hey there Shirley! Claudia here. Here's the version of what I saw, I hope it helps. :D

On Friday, the 29th of August, I was walking along a pavement next to East Coast Road. As I was walking, I saw a pregnant lady with a big dog which I assumed was a German Shepherd. Suddenly, the German Shepherd started running down the path. I then realised that it was chasing a white dog. The German Shepherd was able to chase the smaller dog as its owner did not leash it.

In a blink of an eye, the German Shepherd managed to catch up with the smaller dog and it gripped the smaller dog's body with its teeth and started shaking it vigorously. Although I was at least 10 metres away, I could hear the smaller dog whimpering and crying away. My heart sank as I could feel the dog's pain. At that point of time, I heard a woman's cry. I turned and saw the smaller dog's owner. She had her hands over her mouth and she was obviously traumatized.

After what seemed to be forever, the German Shepherd let loose of the white dog and it fell onto the grass. The German Shepherd started running towards another direction and its owner immediately gave chase. The owner of the small dog ran up to her pet's side and picked it up. I ran up to the woman, wanting to see if I could be of any assistance.

The German Shepherd stopped running after a few metres and from where I was standing, I could see the owner hitting her dog on its head. I quickly focused my attention to the injured dog, offering to call a pet taxi or to get some medical help.

The owner of the injured dog said it was okay and she had everything under control. Following that, she walked up to the owner of the German Shepherd and started reprimanding her. I followed the lady and on my way, I picked up the German Shepherd's leash which the pregnant lady had dropped while chasing after her dog.

The pregnant lady kept on apologizing but the owner of the injured dog was not appeased. I passed the leash to the pregnant lady demanding her to leash her dog at once. The pregnant lady kept using her pregnancy as an excuse. But, the owner of the injured dog was only bothered about her dog and she did not care about the other lady being pregnant. That, was totally understandable. After that, I helped the owner of the injured dog take down the pregnant lady's number. I too gave the owner of the injured dog my number as she wanted me as a witness if anything did happen to the dog.

After taking down the numbers and stuff, the pregnant lady offered to take the injured dog to the nearest vet as she had a car. When that happened, I walked away as I knew I had done enough. Before I walked away, I gave the dog a last look. It was in a bloody state and although it was no longer crying, I knew the dog was still suffering."

Pictures of Alfie's wounds can be seen at Joey's blogsite.

What was the German Shepard doing offleashed and unmuzzled?!! A mistake of one, led to a loss of another. How unfair.

Alfie, we'll meet again, meanwhile, have lotsa fun & yummilicous food you can have over at Rainbow Bridge okay? And remember to save some for me ok! :)