Saturday, December 30, 2006

West Coast Dog Run

Yippee yay yay!

UncleS told Mom to bring the 2 of us along for their lunch appointment, but somehow or rather, they ended up having MacDonald's takeaways in the Dog Run.

As usual, when I got there, I avoided as many dogs as I could, and bugged Mom to take my FAVOURITE toy, which is the FRISBEE!

Sitting pretty and patiently for Mom.

*Yawnnnn* What's taking her so long? I think I see her striking up a conversation with a handsome dude.Tadaa! Time for an endless game of fetch! *hurry and throw it*

Here are some action shots of me. Runnnnnn........
Closer to target.
Got it!
Again pleaseeeee....
Of all the shots, Mom's happy with this, as she tried countless times to snap a proper shot of me "flying"

And while I was busy chasing the frisbee, Jordan was busy getting chased. *Laugh out loud*

Even when UncleS wanted to take a picture with both of us, the black GSD wanted a place in the shot too.Ahh.. Finally.. Nicely done.
So what did Mom got at the end of the day? A full masked JRT. :P

Oh btw Sunshade, I went to find a spot in the Dog Run and started DIGGING! Hope to meet you soon, that explains the mud on my face.

Off to take a nap now. Tata.



Growing up

As I was browsing through photobucket and imagestation, I realised I have such limited puppy photos. But anyways, let me show off some of the cute pictures Mom took with her amature camera then.

My very first few pictures, taken by AuntyW when I was there for boarding as Mom did not want the upgrading of the flat to stress me out.

Innocent me! Smiley me! Mom says this pic lightened up the night.
At a carnival held in WCDR years ago.
Ribbon-ny me, what's Mom up to? Staring into space, wondering... Dainty me, can't believe I WAS that girly. :P

Napping me. My paw-tograph, anyone?
Mom was so crazy about me that she took passprt sized photos for me as well, intended to make a doggy passport for me. :P Pictures taken by a phone nong nong ago.

As I grew, I Mom started taking more pictures of me. The following few shots are taken with a SLR cam, pardon Mom for the bad skills. :P

Then, I even had the chance to go to work with Mom.
My silly look when I'm in the process of killing Cathy.I like being in a carrier, cos it means that I'm going out!
This is how I look like when I sense Mom going out. And yeap, I like staring into space.

That's more or less about it, shutterfly webbie aint really working good these days, I apologise if there are some pictures that doesn't turn up on certain timing. Guess I'll have to bug my friend's Moms and Dads to send me my photos which they've taken.

Heading to dreamland now, byebye.


Friday, December 29, 2006

What's for Dinner?

Well, Mom wasn't sure if she would be home to accompany us and to cook up a meal for us on New Year Eve, not wanting to make empty promises, she did the cooking it TODAY! :)

We had yogurt, which replaced the egg we usually eat in the morning, and during dinner we had cooked beef, carrots, creamed spinach[baby food], egg, and our usual supplements of seameal and nupro made into a paste instead of plain ol' kibbles every evening.

Allow me to share the recipe with you doggies out there, and you can train your humans to do the same occasionally.

First, boil an egg for 10mins.

Then, prepare the steaks, adding in some parsley, and slice the carrots. Goodness, look how fresh and juicy the steaks are. *slurppps*

Then, put the steak into the steamer, turn the timer to 20mins, and when the timer reads 5minutes, place the carrots inside as well.
While the timer is ticking away, get the human to peel the egg and prepare the supplements. Because Mom's blender is not working, she got us baby food, creamed spinach.

Finally, when the steamer goes "Dinggg" bring out the steak, drain out the broth into a separate bowl. It can be put into further good use as even plain kibbles can really be delicious when it's being poured into it.
Last but not least, get the human to lay the food nicely in your bowl, it definitely makes you enjoy your dinner more. And VOILA! Dinner can be served in 5 minutes after having it cooled down. Bon Appetite.

There are no pictures of us taken while eating because Mom was trying her best to clean up the mess she had created in the kitchen, and it did not helped when I spilled the water bowl moments before Mom laid down the plates. :P


I would love to offer the fresh steak to the dogs, RAW, but am afraid that they might get loose stool since they've been on commercial diet for sometime now. :P

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How Christmas was spent


We spend Christmas and Christmas Eve all alone at home, whereas Mom had a good time at a carnival and over at AuntyV's house for food and gifts.

No doubt she brought us to a doggy buffet on a petshop's opening and to the West Coast Dog Run on the 23rd Dec, I am still angry with her. For the last 2 days, I slept on Jordan's pillow bed than beside Mom. Jordan and I even poo-ed in the living room although the pee pad was clearly clean, Mom soon realised her neglience towards us and made it up to us by giving us a Xmas meal. It ain't as good as last year's stew, but it sure is good enough than plain ol' kibbles!

There, we had, human Blueberry muffin, Natural Balance Lamb and Turkey ham roll, doggy fries, Milk biscuit and a scoop of kibbles.

Once we had our fill, Mom went about getting her things packed as she just came home from AuntyV's house. We thought that the meal was all we were gonna have, but.............. she brought out a bag, containing some stuffs, once she put it on the floor, I dug into the bags and what I found are plush toys, balls, flying disc and a packet of treats! Those are the presents for this year. Hees.

We were made to choose only 1 item each apart from the flying disc and the packet of treats, see how stingy Mom is, the next on the line would be the soft ball! See how the Kuku-boy wanted to snatch the ball away from me? First he gotta share my presents this year, now he wants my ball?! No way! He got a scolding right after Mom caught this shot.

That silly boy immediately went for the Blue Hippo right after the scolding, acting as if nothing had happend. Gheesh.

I would say Mom redeemed herself by 70%. She'll be totally forgiven IF she does the same on New Year day. :P

Lotsa Love,

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I've been TAGGED!!

Alrights,I've been tagged by BooBoo. I knew this would come, haha.

RULES of the game

The player of this game starts with "3 things he/ she would love to get for Christmas" and also has to list "3 things he/ she definitely does not want to get for Christmas".

Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. And the one who tags need to leave a comment that says "you've been Christmas tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Here's 3 things I would definitely LOVE to get for Christmas:
1. More FOOD!
2. More Toys! you'll understand why later in this post.
3. And of course, to go for a fun filled outing!

Then here's 3 things I would definitely not want for Christmas:
1. Another dog addition to the house. Having a irritating brother is more than enough.
2. Consecutive rainy days. They ate up my walks and outings!
3. Scoldings from Mom

The 5 friends that I TAG:
1. Joey
2. Mico
3. Bobby&Belle
4. Pudgie
5. Baileys&Maen

All done!

Down to serious stuffs. Mom was such a BADDIE today! First, she got a YOGA mat and took a corner out of her bedroom just for JORDAN! Such a nice cosy little corner! And look at him, grinning from ear to ear. Mom's BIAS!!

Please don't tell him I just went and messed up the area. *smirk*

And THEN!! She THREW AWAY all my old PLUSH toys!! *CRY* I did not even have the chance to give them a last kiss goodbye.
There's Cathy, the dark pink plushie that I had since I was 4months old. It's only been 30mins and I miss her already. I love her tail most. The ball that was left by Ziggy, miniature Hello Kittys, the slipper I made Grandma to give it to me and the Miniature Xmas Tree.

I HATE her, just for today.

[Jordan doesnt like sleeping on my bed, and just few days back, he peed into his own bed, so I got the mat plus a old pillow and created his little corner. As for the toys, they already OLD and smelly. :P]

Monday, December 18, 2006

Do you like rainy days?

It's been raining and raining since 5am in the morning, till now, 345am. And because of the rain, I did not get the chance to go out, while Mom went out TWICE on her own!! *hurmpf* This is so unfair, why can she go shopping and why can't I go for my weekly outings? It's not as if Mom can't shop during the weekdays, even so, she should be home to spend more time with us!

I, being the smarter one, was even made to help with her school work that was piling up. Being a dog is no longer easy these days.

Staring hard into space, thinking of what to write next.

Mom took over the work after 5 long hours, er, ok, Mom's watching me type. 5 long minutes it shall be.

Soon after, I fell asleep due to the amount of hardwork I put in.

As a treat for MY hard work, Mom gave us special treats for the afternoon snack. I do not know why Jordan got a share in the 1st place, but all Mom said was about being fair, BUT hey! He did not help with the work. But anyways I couldn't cared so much when the goodie foodies were brought out. We had:

1. Natural Balance Lamb and Turkey Roll

2. Cheesesticks!

3. AND stomething we haven had for a looooooooooooong time. MILK!!!

Mom went out after feeding us. Came home with a big black pee tray. We, no, she then carried on with her work until................evening, she started washing up and getting dressed, I was mad at her, I did not go over when she was at the door, and when she closed the door, I voiced out my unhappiness.

After a few hours, Mom came home smelling like food. And indeed, she brought home 2 packets of treats we've never eaten before to pacify us, it's some french fries and milk based biscuits.

Hah! My trick worked, making her feel guilty about leaving me at home, so that she'll bring home something for us at the end of the day.

Mom said we could not open this 2 packets of treat until Christmas as it'll be a part of our special treat. I'm sooooooooooooooo looking forward to Christmas!

Wet messy licks