Monday, July 30, 2007


After consecutive days of rain here in Singapore, it was finally clear and bright yesterday. Mom took the opportunity to bring me to MacRitchie Reserviour for a good walk.

It was rather cooling and Mom felt lazy, so she took photos while she got her sister to hold my leash instead.


Mom's so lazy that she's lagging so far behind, I had to make so many stopover just to wait for her to catch up. Anyone knows if there's cure for the disease?

I remember chasing monkeys when I was here the last time. Where are they now?

*Come out come out wherever you are*

This is no Monkey!

We continued walking,before these appeared!

Mom got really close to them just to get this shot.

But I could only get this close to them.

Guess what that woman did to me after we got home? Yea, shower! Now I'm plotting whether to pee on her bed or to extort some treats from the stash.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

We'll miss you, Oscar

This is the most saddening day of my life.

An Airedale, so full of joy, fun and drive had passed on. An Airedale who had brought us so much laughter, smiles and ideas to think and try had gone to accompany the Lord at such young age.

Oscar, Mom and I loved reading all of your adventures and looking at the pictures of your silly antics on how you laid and sat across the sofa, how you bit/carry your bowl in your mouth to beg for food and so on.

Oscar, the bandanna man

You'll always be loved and remembered. Take care K and M.

Sundae & Mom

Saturday, July 28, 2007

What's in store for me?

Today, Mom came home with these, saying it's for me.

Bach Flower Remedies - Beech for Intolerance and Mimulus for Fear of known things.

Some of you might question why do I need these. Let me copy and paste a reply from Mom to a forumer, so as to save me some energy typing with paws. You guys know how difficult it can get at times.

"Sundae has defensive aggressiveness.

Whenever she meets dogs, small or large, she'll go into a crouch position, with wary eyes staring up/down/straight at the other dog, tail tuck in between and her whole body will be stiff.

If the dog just look and make a quick sniff at her face and then walks away, sundae will hop away happily towards what she wanted to do before the encounter.


If the other dog does more than that, like pawing, pushing its nose up her butt etc, sundae will start growling[in the described positioned as above], if the dog continues to push his luck further, she'll then start snapping away making high pitched whiny noise, which i call this screaming.

All these will happen under 5secs if the dog is pushy.

She got better after some trainings and socialising. Like when I say "friend friend" or praise her whenever she crouches down and not growl/snap. BUT, an incident at Bishan Dog Run a month or so back, made her even more defensive. She'll now charges and scream at the approaching dog even before the dog took a sniff off her.

Also, she doesn't like to share space, other than with me and Jordan.

In the car, even if I put her in the front seat, and the rest of the dogs in the back, she'll have something against them even from then!

In the car she'll be growling non-stop, and then, she'll do the same "greetings" to the dogs after getting off fromt he car.

One thing that prevented most "fights" is her aloofness towards other dogs and her rather good recall. She doesnt usually approach dogs, most of the time she'll try to shone away from them, or make wary approach of she's really curious.

Sigh, I hope by bringing her to activities like Search & Rescue/Agility courses will help improve her condition along with the Bach Flower Remedies.

What I've describe seems like Sundae only need Beech - Intolerance, but I think her behaviour is generated from Fear. A couple of incidents since puppyhood, left deep emotional scars on her and I'm still trying my best to "cure" her of that.

Whoa! Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Mom's signing me up for S&R/Agility activities?! YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!! So does it means I'll be having weekly activities going on? Does it means much more FUN then going for daily walks? Does it means more exercise? And does it also means more food since I'll be using more energy?

This explains why Mom bought this as well. I'm so excited...!!!

A "water cooler". It dispenses water 2 ways. One from the nozzle at the bottom, when you push that button, water will be flowing out. The other, from the top nozzle, just like any other "water cooler" one can purchase from Giant/Carrefour. The best thing about this is...........I can have cold/cool water even after 3 hours! Mom, you're the bestest!

[mom:part of the reason I bought this was because sundae loves drinking cool water, and I get super embarrassed whenever she hops to other dog's cold water which their owner brought instead of drinking the room temp water I brough for her.]


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rough or Gentle Me?

I was presented with a Zuke's Ridge dental bone this afternoon, it came together as a free gift when Mom bought a pack of Azmira from Petgamart.

The bone smell really nice! It's the Fresh breathe with Carrot formula. Here's me savouring it!





Wassup Mom?

Too rough? Not lady like? =.="" I'm a terrier for goodness sake!

"Unless you chew slowly adn gently, you'll shall not continue chewing!" Said the EVIL Mom!

So I tried my best to chew gently by nibbling..

and taking really really small bites..

So Mom, can you leave me alone now?

Till she leaves me alone.

Coco Up for Adoption

Coco is a female beagle, she's about a year plus and listens to basic commands. She'll make a great companion for those who leads an active lifestyle.

Do email Mom your particulars, backgrounds, housing type, and why do you wish to adopt this sweetie to .

Please note, do not spam, Mom will reply you when she has the time. :)

Thank you everyone, do help spread the word around.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Have you seen them?

Seems like more and more dogs are going missing nowadays.

I received some news from Mom, and decided to try to help on my part.

1. Poodle X Silky Terrier, Female, Pebbles. Last seen at Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 on 2nd July 2007. Mode of contact : 98283804

2. Two Shih Tzus, Females[1st and last in the picture]. Last seen at Marsiling on 3rd July 2007. Mode of contact : 94515115

Boy! Their owners must be the saddest persons on earth right now. Pray that they'll go home soon. Or picked up by kind souls who will return them to their owners.