Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pawzcafe Barbeque!!

Over at Pawzcafe forum, the Admin organised a Dog Lovers BBQ session at the rooftop of Toa Payoh South Community Centre! Is that cool or what?

Before Mom left home to pick up Aunty D and Cera, we went over to Bishan Park again! This time, I met 2 shetland sheepdog and a mongrel, one of the shetland was so so so handsome, that I almost didn't want to go to the BBQ :P

We arrived at the Community Centre rather early, and Mom decided to take some shots. Let me give each a short introduction.

1. Yours Truly!

Being a rather good gal yesterday, supervised the dogs' play like what a supervisor should! [mom: yea right, she went around barking at dogs who played too rough even when they're not even near her. =.=" Busybody! Some forumers give her a nickname "Mata", which meant Police in our Hokkien Dialect.] Mom had to make me drop my 'work' by tempting me for a game of fetch.

I got really hot, and went to the tap for a good cooling down session.

2. Next up, Cera! She's really cute even at her age.

A wide grin for the camera please!

3. Handsome Big Paw! Yea, Big Paw is his name, we sometimes call him Paw Paw. In case you wonder, he is a Schnauzer cross Cocker.

4. And this is Zen, she's the lil sister of Big Paw. See how Mom can never get a proper shot of her? Cuz she's a HYPER active dog, too fast for Mum's fingers.

There she goes again, this time, taking my toy along with her.

See how the siblings played, they never stop.

5. Mico, the dog belonging to the Admin. Poor her, got dumped into a plastic box by her daddy.

6. Melody! Her first outing with her 1 day old slave. Doesn't she look really happy? And that's Mico in the background.

Look how cute her eyes are.

8. Bond! The Golden Retriever. He's really a gentleman, no matter how many times I told him off, he just walks away nicely. :P

Following are the dogs whose names I cannot recall. I can't be blamed for this can I? After all, I'm still a Dog. The one who should be blamed is Mom, bleah!

8. A handsome rough collie.

8. An Alaskan Klee Kai

9. A Shih Tzu

10. A Chihuahua

11. Another Chihuahua

12. Yet another Chihuahua

These are what the human feeds on.

And there's me. Uhm... going around making sure that the dog feeding to the dogs are safe for consumption. [mom:dun try to make begging sound so nice.]

There were many more dogs at the BBQ, like a Afghan Hound, German Shepard, Rottweiler, more Chihuahuas, more Shih tzus and more Jrts. BUT that woman sneaked off to fil her bottomless pit and left the camera and I me no attention.

Off for a good nap now.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Met some Dloggers!

It's been so rainy here again over at Singapore. There's nothing much to do until Mom realised she had to stock up my kibbles, so off we went to the east, to U Petgamart.

Loooooooooooooooooooook....... at the wide range of foodie goodies available here!! Mama, can I buy everything?[mom: *kok your head*]

This smells delicious...

I like this lady, she kept offering me treats which I helped myself to, she also mentioned that I'm a cutie! Teeheehee..

See the white bag beside me? Mama bought me a packet of the Natural Balance Duck and Potato biscuit as well!

Thennnnnn........ I spotted a sleeping Giant!

It's a Great Dane. His name is "Ah Dai".

After our purchase, we pop over to Pet Movers' Dog Run. It was a smelly place, we left after taking a few pictures.

The Guarddog for Pet Movers. Doesnt look very friendly, better keep my distance.

Some of the homeless dogs over at the other side, Animal Lovers League. Anyone out there willing to give them a home?

While on the way home, I was feeling restless, and so guess where Mama brought me? To Bishan Park!

*sniff*sniff* Good spot to..........


And guess which handsomeS caught my attention?

1. Joey! with his bag of balls.

2. Jack!

3. Helios!

And 4. Herbie! I hope he's feeling fine. ^kisses^

Till the next outing!