Thursday, June 21, 2007

Great Tuesday

After sending Mom's friend to work that morning, Mom brought me to West Coast Park!

It's been a while since I was there! I was ubber ubber excited!

Smelled the area

Left my scents

And continued being happy!

Anything like a "landshark"?

Now.. Who can open the gates?

I did, of cos, started with a game of Frisbee, then something caught my attention!

There! The special smell.... *ohmmm...*

And guess what I started doing? :P


Eh heh! Dirty dirty me!

But still, I was made to pose for pictures.

There, trying my best to look good so the session can end ASAP.

Back home.............

After a minute of sit-stay, I can finally sink my teeth in that piece of oxtail!

Didn't I realise I was in for something........ not really pleasant when Mom takes these out...

Shower time!! Aww...


Against the sofa..

Against the wall..

On the sofa..

And on the pillow!

When done, I fell into a deep deep sleep, dreaming that everyday is like today! ok, minus out the bathing part. :D


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm sick! Mom too, kinda

I've been sick.

Vomited the whole of Thursday, rejected food on Friday and Saturday. Started taking plain chicken porridge on Sunday. Then on Monday, Mom gave me an hard boiled egg, I left the egg white alone and Mom thought nothing about it [I'm a very greedy dog, seldom reject any kinda food offered] as she was rushing for her paper. When she came home that evening, the maid told her I vomited twice, and had passed out stinky watery stool, twice too.

Worried about my condition, which was like on a roller coaster ride, Mom made an appointment with Dr Robin Aw at Pet Clinic this afternoon.

So off we went to the vet, I had to be in te crate because the maid had a hard time removing my fur off the seats and mats the last few times she cleaned the car. :P

Are we there yet?

As Dr Aw went for a house call, he was late for my appointment, and so I sat and waited patiently, hoping that he drags it as long as he can.

Please please please don't come back so fast

But no! My prayer didn't work, instead, Mom's worked. And so, after waiting for about 15mins, I was the first to go in.

Getting ready for the JAB.

The needle pierced through my skin and the alcohol stung my skin! This is what I looked like:

When I came out of the consultation room. I was shivering so much that my legs were practically knocking onto one another.

On the way home

And at home

To tell the truth, I was really really really hungry after not being able to down my food for the past 4 days, but whenever Mom offered me something delicious out from her food bowl, I'll take a sniff and then give her a digusted face and walk away. What's wrong with my nose?!!

I hope this doesn't go on, because now I've shrunked to the size of a 6 months old JRT puppy. I need my figure back!!

Mom's sick too. She went to this funfair located at Bishan, and got home feeling dizzy after a few rides, and the best thing was, she went there with a filled stomach.

Euro Fun Park

The Euro Wheel

I wanted to follow, even sneaked out of the gate quietly when all of them were putting on their footwear, but I still got found out and was asked to stay at home to recuperate. Arghz!

Till I'm well again.


[mom:The vet said she had not contracted viral infection, nor was she running a fever, no blockage either as she was still passing out stool, might have eaten something wrong, will be monitoring for 5 more days to see her condition improves, if not, more tests.]

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Hmm.. Ever wondered if our nose and paw prints are as unique as hooman's fingerprints?

Here's mine.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bad bad bad....

Mama was busy with the PC show held at Suntec Convention Hall from last Thursday to Sunday, so busy that she couldn't afford the time to even feed and walk me! *grumbles* And so, I made her so guilty by putting this picture secretly on her handphone's display.

Why aren't you home????????????

She gave in on the second day and promised that she'll buy me stuffs and bring me out on tuesday.

And so I waited.... and waited.....

Why are the days passing so slowly?

And when Tuesday Finally came, I was ubber excited! Mom first brought me to Rio's place, before heading down to one of the pet store nearby to purchase my car seat harness, for safety measures as Mom finds it distracting to have me walking up and down, left and right while she's driving. Got there, and there were not 1 that was for my size. *grumbles* So Mom placed an order with the lady boss and we all headed back into the car.

So mama, where are you taking me?

Are we there yet?

Seems like Mom took the wrong turn again! Sigh! As always...

Soon after, We arrived at the place Mom always wanted to bring me. Bishan Park!

Awesome greenery!

As we walked, we cae to the Dog Run and there was a Golden Retriever in there. Due to my defeniveness nature, Mom allowed me to sniff the GR from the fence instead of ltting me in right away. Only when I showed no signs of defensiveness, Mom allowed us into the Dog Run.

*sniff*sniff* Friendly ok?

Here's me training Mom's sister and cousins to fly me the frisbee! Anyone needs a trainer? :P

And ya, I met Herbie, Helios there too! And the GR that I sniffed through the fence is actually Baileys. Here's a picture of Cousin Chloe, Helios and Baileys.

Something really bad happened when we came back to the Park the 2nd time after going to pick up Mom's friend.

A cairn terrier was barking his head off while we were approaching. With his owner standing by, just watching.

Mom led me through the first the gate, off leashed me and opened the 2nd gate which led into the Dog Run. Within a span of 5secs or so, Mom heard a fight going on behind her, involving the Cairn Terrier and me. Mom quickly, but calmly came over to make attempts to separate the 2 of us, so did the other lady. Failing to, the ther lady HAMMERED her palm down onto my back when I finally got he strength to overcome that overweight little bugger! Leaving Mom stunned!

[mom:I was damn pissed with what the owner of the cairn terrier did. There wasn't a need to hit any of the dog in such situation, it might even cause the dog to inflict even more pain to the other dog while stll in the fight. After that incident, we moved away from the gang of dogs. And Sundae got really defensive at any dog that came too close she even charged at my friend's 2 other dogs! Months of hard work went down the drain just because someone who couldn't be bothered to control her dog's barking.]