Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've got Gifts! Thanks Fei and Eve!

It was a boring day, Mom went to shower the car, went to the gym and had a very fabulous dinner.

As for me! I was left alone at home to rot!

As Mom walked into the house after all her programs for the day, she commented excitedly "You have a parcel Sundae!"

It was from Fei and her hooman Eve! How sweet of them. Love ya! Love ya!

*sniff*sniff*sniff* Smells really really good. I wonder what's inside.

Guess what was in the bag?

Woolalah! Mom, can you quickly finish taking pictures??! I'm running out of patience! Lotsa lollipops, a packet of dried beef treats, a helloe kitty plushie with squeaker and a note from them.

I couldnt ared less and went ahead with choosing one of MY pressies!

I chose the Lollipop! See that irritating hooman pup?! She's been trying to get her hands on my toy and treats! *Hurmpf*

It was ubber ubber DELICIOUS! Thanks to Fei and your Mama!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bone day!

I love it whenever it's Mom's off day. She'll either rot at home with me the whole day, cook me some fabulous foodie, or bring me out of the neighbourhood for long walks.

Remember the smoked lamb bone she made Granny buy the other day? Yes! I managed to give her the pitiest look before she relented and gave it to me.

See how delicious it is? Can't wait to sink my teeth into it!

She took out her camera and requested for a good shot, so okay Mom, just ONE!

As if it wasn't enough, she wanted MORE! And I made my stand by giving her this. *Bleah*

And went to sink myy teeth into the bone while she wasn't looking.

I went on chewing, deeply engrossed in it as the taste was heavenly.


EHHHH!!!! WHOOPS! Caught on the camera AGAIN!

So I told her "Admire my backside while I get back to my bone."


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

An Evening Out

Woohoo! Granny called the other day, wanting to have dinner with Mom and her siblings. She missed me too, and told Mom to fins a place where we all could dine together! How thoughtful.

So off we went to Pawtobello!

Hmmm... What shall I have this evening?

MuttLoaf it shall be!

Gobble 'em up!

Mom made granny buy me a smoked lamb bone too. Tada!

We went around River Valley hunting for an Ice Cream place to no avail, so the humans decided to go visit Jordan. When I heard his name, boy was I excited! I'm gonna see my pretty lil baby brother!

But to my disappointment, he wasn't my pretty lil brother anymore. He had become a untidy PIG whom I did not want to recognise.

He's now a whopping 9KG!!

If this is what happens to a greedy dog, I'll rather have Mom controling my diet.

*oh where oh where is my pretty bro?*