Friday, December 21, 2007

Me Cookies!

See what I have today?

Yea! It's My cookies, with My name, and MINE to eat, but greedy mama stole 2 of them!

Thank you Aunty D! Here's my sweetest puppy smile, just for You!


Thursday, December 13, 2007


Look where Mommy went last night where she saw this!

Beautiful isn't it?

She then came home with these:

NOW! She doesn't have any excuses not to feed me BARF! It's so easy to feed, and she doesn't need to crawl up early in the morning to go to the wet eeky market. Read more about Dr B's R.A.W here.

Apparently, this has been in the aussie's market since year 2002, but only brought into Singapore recently. Looks'e better and more value than Primal, Mom decided that it was time.

This is how it looks like in semi frozen state

And this is when it's ready to be eaten! *yum*yum*

And of course, I ate it without any hesitation.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Funniest Photo - The Evil Santarina

There's another photo competition going on at Pawzcafe and it's titled "The Funniest X'Mas Dog Photo Contest"

Mom submitted this -

Me, the Little Evil Santarina!

Here's to all my pals out there, Happy Howliday!!


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Clean Bill of Health, except......

Mommy's apologies for the non update! Anyways, nothing interesting going on in my life except something which is quite shameful for me to tell.

Mom suspects that I might have some bladder bladder problem, reason being, I'ved been peeing in my sleep! It happened some months ago, and Mom thought I was stressed out by the change in environment, but just 2 days ago, it happened, so many times in just 1 night.

At 10pm, while sleeping beside Mom on the sofa, I peed a puddle.
1010pm, got locked in the room to let go on the papers, which I did.
1130pm, peed a puddle again while I slept on Mom's pillow.
1140pm, got chased out of the bedroom, into the utility toom to let go again, which I did.
1215am, back into the bedroom.
3am, peed another puddle on Mom's quilt, and got banished from the bedroom for the night.

It's bad isn't it?

So off to the vet we went, as I'm prone to excited/submissive urination, the doctor thinks that the problem might be weak muscles, so I was given some propaline and Mom was to monitor me for a week.

Very evil Mom made me go through a blood test too, to check for heartworms, condition of liver & kidneys, and blood counts. We were made to wait like 20mins before the results came out! And we were there for like 1hr 30mins altogether! Way past my dinner time!

hermmm..... is the results out yet??

What's taking so long? I'm stoning already, and getting really really sleepyyyyy....

All is well, except that my white blood cell is a little lower than normal, but still within the safe range thou. Any ideas how to increase WBC? I'm so white and yet my WBC is low? Weird.

In total Mom busted about $200 bucks! Imagine the kind of yummilicious stuffs she could have bought me? Heehee.

[mom:i would say that a $200 bucks for a piece of mind is definitely worth it! I'm gonna go back to natural food for Sundae as I believe the diet plays a big part in a dog's health now that I've seen her blood test results. I've come across dogs feed on commercial diet since young and problems started arising even before they were mid age, even if signs do not appear early, it would have been to late to start the painful treatment once it's too late.]