Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mom finally got her bum up!

Hello again! I'm seriously apawlogectic for being away for such a loooooooonnnngggg time! Well, the Bum Mom got stuck to the laptop everyday doing her own things and I didnt had a chance to blog, until I bugged her!

Everyday I would,

- nibble her thigh
- jump onto her back & lie down on her
- climb up and sit inbetween her face and the monitor screen
- paw & make scratches on her arms
- Sudden jump & poke my cold nosey on her face
- and do the silliest stuffs I can think of

to get her attention away from the screen! Seems like success after so long. Heh!

I finally had the chance to go to WCDR again after a nooonng nooonng time!!! & I think I must really thank Daddad for it! [mom:looks like i was the one who insisted bringing you along, not daddad! *kok your head*]


He had to go to some school for a 3 day course, and so, Mom had to drive to the west, and I was brought to WCDR after Mom dropped of Daddad, how "on-the-way.

How nice if he were to have to go on such course every week! Hiak!hiak! [mom: ah dae ah, it's possible if I could use the $$ for your food on the petrol. Hehehe!]

Whoops! I betta shut my muzzle! *zip*

Anyways, all in all I had lotsa fun, pictures for all!

Yeap, that's me and my frisbee! Everyone knows I love frisbee!

It was all wet & muddy at the dog run, we were even caught in the rain after Mom decided that we should leave when I started drizzling a little.

And guess I didn't help further by rolling around in the mud & spilling my drinking water all over the dry concrete & leaving my pawprints everywhere.

So, normally what happens after we get home?

SHOWER was the dreaded word!

But! Mom put me into this!

And the reason to why I looked so happy?

Was this!!

Yummy yum yum!

Needless to say, after the chewing, I was still brought into the toilet for a shower!

But hey! This's a dog's life! Don't you agree?