Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mom finally got her bum up!

Hello again! I'm seriously apawlogectic for being away for such a loooooooonnnngggg time! Well, the Bum Mom got stuck to the laptop everyday doing her own things and I didnt had a chance to blog, until I bugged her!

Everyday I would,

- nibble her thigh
- jump onto her back & lie down on her
- climb up and sit inbetween her face and the monitor screen
- paw & make scratches on her arms
- Sudden jump & poke my cold nosey on her face
- and do the silliest stuffs I can think of

to get her attention away from the screen! Seems like success after so long. Heh!

I finally had the chance to go to WCDR again after a nooonng nooonng time!!! & I think I must really thank Daddad for it! [mom:looks like i was the one who insisted bringing you along, not daddad! *kok your head*]


He had to go to some school for a 3 day course, and so, Mom had to drive to the west, and I was brought to WCDR after Mom dropped of Daddad, how "on-the-way.

How nice if he were to have to go on such course every week! Hiak!hiak! [mom: ah dae ah, it's possible if I could use the $$ for your food on the petrol. Hehehe!]

Whoops! I betta shut my muzzle! *zip*

Anyways, all in all I had lotsa fun, pictures for all!

Yeap, that's me and my frisbee! Everyone knows I love frisbee!

It was all wet & muddy at the dog run, we were even caught in the rain after Mom decided that we should leave when I started drizzling a little.

And guess I didn't help further by rolling around in the mud & spilling my drinking water all over the dry concrete & leaving my pawprints everywhere.

So, normally what happens after we get home?

SHOWER was the dreaded word!

But! Mom put me into this!

And the reason to why I looked so happy?

Was this!!

Yummy yum yum!

Needless to say, after the chewing, I was still brought into the toilet for a shower!

But hey! This's a dog's life! Don't you agree?



Cocoa the Beagle said...

Hello Sundae,

Ohh we love the kangeroo femur bone too! Mum got it for us from petgamart along with the kangeroo tails!

Cocoa and Barley

Anonymous said...

Kangaroo femur, eh? You can't get those here in the United States. Looks like a rare treat!
- - - - - - -
dog beds and more

World of Animals, Inc said...

We are happy your mom got to get you back to your blogging. Looks like you have so much fun with your outside photos. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
World of Animals