Sunday, January 28, 2007

My ex-comapnies

There isn't much to post about these days as Mom was busy with her new job on top of her studies, besides, it's been raining rats and bones [mom:it should be cats and dogs] for the past few days. Well, Mom was kind enough to whip up some goodies, we had eag and potato salad few days back, no pictures thou, Mom was lazy to get it charged up.

I've shared about the doggy companions I had in the past, now it's time for the smaller furry ones.

There was a period of time, where I kept staring up onto the shoe cabinet. Guess what I was staring into?

Yeap, Hamsters!

Mom had Winterwhites, which produced some babies.

She also kept some campbells,

and Syrians of different colours, some looked like FuFu, wonder if they're cousins.

I then had local rabbits for company after the hamsters started getting lost, died or adopted.

This is Baby, what a name. :P Don't you think he was acting cute?

But that didn't last long. Shortly after, he grew, and reached adolescent where he looks a lil ugly.

But when he became a man, without his balls thou, he looked better.

Buttons came to join the family. He wasn't nice. I remember he once nip my hind leg when I tried herding the both of them.

Most of the time, Mom feeds Baby and I together before Buttons came [mom: buttons liked dog food] , and I was fine with it so long as Baby doesnt poke his nose into my bowl. [mom: sundae never tried biting any one of the smaller animals, she just chase and follow after them, once she evem mouthed a hamster for about 5secs to keep it from running away when I was asleep, it din take me long to feel Sundae's sudden movement out from my bed.]

Sometimes, whenever I felt bored, I would lay beside their enclosure, and show Mom the piti-iest look to ask her to let them out so that I can have some fun.

I'll try to update as often as I can for the next 1.5 months if Mom remembers to switch the laptop on before she leave home. :)

Gotta go now.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Earning my Keep

Mom says that we are spending WAAAYYYY too much and she insist us to earn our own keep from now on. But the thing is, I DO NOT want to sell my precious toys, neither did Jordan wants to part with his softies.

So... We came up with a brilliant plan! We went into Grandma's room, pick out the box where she keeps a collection of toys to sell it! I bet she would not notice it as the box is always placed high up in the wardrobe, she wouldn't find out in a million years. Keke.

These are the Hello Kitty Wedding Series which so many were crazy about, I remember Mom saying that Grandma, a couple of times, bought the set for 60bucks! Anyways, I'm putting them up for sale at $15 for each piece, and $25 for a set.

The Chinese Wedding

The Malay Wedding

The Korean Wedding

The Japanese Wedding

The Romantic Wedding

The Space Wedding

The Pinky Pig. And no, I'm not included in the Set. The pig has to go alone for $15.

This will be all for now, until I can manage to steal somemore stuffies from Grandma's room. :)


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

KukuBoy had a KukuCut

That Kuku boy was sent to a groomer who gave him a kuku cut. That's for leaving me at home Mom. =P

Let me show you a picture of him from his last groom. Notice the nice long centre parted beard?

Then months past and he looked like this last night. Don't you think he looks fatter than me? *Heh*heh*
THEN!!! Came the surprise this late afternoon. Mom SPECIFICALLY told the groomer to TRIM the beard neat, and NOT cut it SHORT. But when Mom saw him, she got a shock of her life.

He now looks like this, and will be for the next 4-6 months until his beard grows back. See muzzle/bridge? The fur got slipped/cut off, obviously a puupy cut which Mom did not ask for.

Compared to... the more Mom see this picture, the more "gek sim" she is. Who asked her, itchy backside, changed groomer. :PMom was even more pissed when the groomer gave reply to the question as why she cut the beard. The groomer said "His beard was very untidy, I had to cut it. Moreover, MS beard are all cut like this." From that moment, Mom doubted her qualification and decided not to say much, paid money and left the salon. She vowed she'll never go back there and she would not recommend anyone there.

Moral of the story? Stick with the groomer who does the job well, even thou price is higer.

And you know what's the thing that puts me off?! Jordan always always look slimmer than me whenever he comes home from the groomer's. *Hurmpf* I think I need a diet.

Back to me, ain't sure why I took a liking to POO recently. The just yesterday, Grandma caught me eating poo while Mom was out. Mom caught me smelling the poo and almost licking it when she came back in the night. Had a earful from her. Hmm, if it smells nice, it should be edible right? And I was hungry! Cos Mom came home around midnight. Bad mama!


mom: I think it's the Honest Kitchen food I feed them in the morning, mixed it with nupro + seameal. Supposed to add warm water, but I used room temp. instead, sometimes i still see the dried food in her poo. Am gonna stop feeding it for a while and see how it goes.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Not a fantastic week

It's been a real boring week.

Firstly, it has been raining non stop, again! I was not given any walks, and the energy is exploding inside me. Jordan and I had a fun time chewing up the tissue paper when Mom forgotten to close her bedroom door. Well, needless to say, we've got an earful from Mom when she got home from dinner. :P We did went to East Coast Park Last Sunday thou, here are some pictures of what we did.

1. Tried to chase the waves

2. Had a race

3. Posed for the camera

4. Gave rude stares to cats.................... and.........................

5. Chased them up the tree!!

Hmmm... I think I kinda broke my promise to look good in pictures huh? Look at those eyes of mine. :P

Secondly, Mom has been spending almost 75% of her time studying, I heard her that her papers are like a few days away, in fact, 1 of it is just tomorrow. I can't lend her my brains even when she wanted it so much, I do not wanna risk the brain cells dying at a much faster rate.

Thirdly, Mom did not bring us for outing this week! Because it's her birthday. She took a few hours out from her books and went out with some friends and relatives yesterday and today. Remember Aunty Vv? She brought us presents again, even thou it's not our birthday, I'm starting to love her already. We got a box of cookies, shaped like ginger bread man, just that, it's in the mini-est mini size you can find as a dog treat. As cute as it looks, I'm sure it's gonna taste as good.

Off to dreamland while Mom continue with her studies. I hope I'll get a good meal and a funfilled outing next week. Ciao.


Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Terry is BACK!!

Remember Terry? Well, he's back in Mom's hands. Why? Cos the ladies found out that the evil woman, put an ad up for the sale of Terry the next day Mom returned the dog. So the ladies set up a plot, to buy Terry over, so that they can get proof of them doing direct selling, and rebut their crap saying that they're actually ding rehoming, and that the 'adoption fees' includes vets fees.

Terry, now named Happy, is good to go now. He looks good, eats and plays well now. He makes a good companion for anyone.

Do help spread the word around. Happy does deserves a good home.


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Tagged again, New Year Resolution

I'm being tagged by Miss Sunshade, to list down 5 New Year Resolutions after which, I'll have to tag 5 other friends they will then do the same.

My Resolutions:
1. Try my best to be contented with what is given instead of being overly greedy

2. Try not to give ugly pose/face when Mom's taking pictures.
3. Try not to stare too much, Mom says it's rude to do that especially when there's food around. 4. To be more ladylike when eating. Yeap, she finished that piece of Mac scrambled eggs in 3 seconds.

5. And LASTLY, try to hold my pee/poo until Mom wakes up before releasing them.

Friends that I'll be tagging:
1. Herbie
2. Joey
3. Bond
4. FuFu
5. Jay

Many of you tell me that those foodie cooked by my Mom looks delicious, on behalf of Mom, I say thanks to you guys, BUT, look at the kind of food she eats! How many of you dogs out there would want to exchange your meals with these? I sure do!

Off to plea Mom to serve us dinner now.


Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

First thing, I wanna wish all my doggy pals out there a very Happy New Year!! May all of you doggies out there have a good year ahead.

Yeap, as I expected, Mom did no accompany me yesterday and today, and because it's New Year, we've got NEW accessories, all thanks to AuntyVv, the aunt who dotes on Mom most.

Here are our presents for New Year Day. :P A rubber brush and a water bowl.

Since the Zoom Groom was diseased with mould, I was hardly given any nice massages, so Mom picked up a rubber brush which seems good to her, and not too expensive. Then, while she placed the brush onto the counter, a drinking bowl caught her eye. Mom always wanted to buy a YOGI bowl but she think the colour is way too off to fit into the kitchen, so she went to enquire more about this blue bowl. It's from AlphaPaw and when she heard that it cost near to $40, she was kinda turned off, AuntyVv saw that Mom liked the bowl, and it's good if Mom has it as it'll prevent :
1. Jordan from getting a wet messy smelly beard.
2. Me from playing with water, eg: Washing my face/paws.
3. Me from spilling the water when I drink too fast.
4. Me from toppling the bowl.
Alas, Mom decided to buy it, but when she left the 2 items on the counter to look at more stuffs, AuntyVv paid and refuses to take the money Mom offered to return.
There is a food bowl from AlphaPaw that's designed for dogs that eat too fast, Mom is contemplating if she should get 2 of it as we like to gobble up our food, especially Jordan, it's scary enough that I often take home 1st/2nd prizes from eating competitions, but Jordan eats twice as fast as me. :X More info HERE[they come in blue]. But the purchase might have to drag until after Chinese New Year. Heh.
Off for a cool night's walk. Tata.