Monday, April 28, 2008

Of Fat Nono & Potatoe Chips

Fat & short Nono is over for a long stay again.

As irritating as he is, he tore up my soft toys, ate my food, & shared my treats! Worst of all, he pees & poos anyhow in the house! How yucky can he get?

Mom, I don't like him!

The other day, just as she bought us some food from the store, she chanced upon this:

Very nice smelling!

& very nice to chew!

Not very healthy thou, & some other similar stuffs makes me puke when I swallow them. So I limit myself to one every week or so. [mom:sundae doesnt really like swallowing the hides, once it gets soft & gooey, she'll leave it there for me to throw.]

Chewing makes us happy!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Birthday, birfday, birdday, BARKDAY!

A big THANK YOU to those who remembered my birthday, and PLENTY of kisses to Alfie & Mom for that lovely heart-shaped tag you sent.

That morning on 05-04-08, Mom & dad got themselves ready & packed me up for a great day ahead! Mom drove us to the beach! But before that, I wanted some shopping done.

1. My breakfast
2. My mini present
3. My Barkday Cake

& so we dropped by the pet shop nearby Sentosa.


Loadsa Toys!! But Mom says I've plenty of them collecting dust at home, so it was a No-go.

Can I have this wittle smoked pork bone? pretty pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeee..........

Guess what I saw at the corner of the shop?

A cutie friendly chincilla!

After which, we went to Vivocity to wait for Dad to buy some foodies for themselves as well as a VERY IMPORTANT thing, which he forgotten! HURMPH! (mom: she's talking about her cake) Mom says I'm fat! What do you guys think?

Finally we reached Tanjong Beach @ Sentosa. See our picnic goodies? And YES! They left our my lunch too! Dad went back to the car to get while I spend a good bonding session with my frisbee whom I haven seem since a long time ago.

Hmmm... Looks like I'm alone here today?

What should I do?

Let's play CATCH! Neh ni neh ni boo boo! Catch me if you can! Muahahahaha

Ops! Got caught! Look at what the bad Dad do to me? Don't I looked miserable with him grinning away?

Finally on shore!

Ok, Daddy ain't that bad after all, let me share a tiny secret with you peeps out there, he shared his packet of Lays Sour Cream & Onion chips with me! Yummy Yum! Don't tell Mommy ok? It's a secret between me and Daddy. :P

What a great day at the beach!

Except for the LACK OF THE BARKDAY CAKE! I will step all over Daddy's tummy when he go to sleep tonight. :P

Anyways, to made up for it, Mama cooked me a good meal the next day! Shredded duck wings + leafy green veggies & carrots! I'll have me wittle porky bone next time!

So, so, so, so, can I like eat NOW?